Commercial Property Management Services

As a third-generation family business, Greenrock Real Estate Advisors has over 50 years of experience in managing prominent commercial and residential buildings across Toronto. We understand that consistently maintaining and improving our properties is crucial to remaining competitive in a changing marketplace. Our team specializes in creating innovative, cost-effective and environmentally sound strategies that cater to each of our client’s unique needs.

Whether you want to reposition your building to improve perception and attract stronger covenant tenants, improve tenant experience or implement new sustainability initiatives, we plan every detail and implement every measure to give you the most effective solution. We approach all of our projects with prudence and calculated insight to ensure that our fiscally responsible commercial property management plan satisfies the needs of both the client and their tenants, while always being mindful of the environment.

Our core focus is to always provide a RockStar Experience to our clients, our strategic partners, our residents, our tenants, and our fellow employees. To help us achieve our exceptional standards for service, we partner with companies and building owners that have aligned values and beliefs to ensure we forge successful, lasting relationships.

Our Approach to Commercial Properties

As your commercial property advisory team, we are experts in

We use our extensive collective knowledge to help you realize the full potential of your assets through short and long term planning in order to maximize profit and longevity.

We execute the necessary asset investment evaluations, upgrades, and maintenance to ensure exceptional performance from your properties  while increasing the asset value through investment.

With over 100 years of combined experience among our executive team, we have the breadth of expertise to advise you on all of your real estate decisions.

We pride ourselves on providing RockStar Experience to every one of our clients to help you attract and retain customers.

We provide a complete view of your finances through accounting, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and risk management services in order to support your strategic plan and vision.

We offer end-to-end leasing, renewals, and negotiation to provide support in achieving the highest possible revenue whilst aligning with your strategic plans.

We work with strategic and target marketing experts to increase conversions within your desired demographic and purposefully align with your strategic plan.

We enhance building performance through capital investment guidance, strategic planning and tactical lease alignment in order to enable you to attract stronger covenant tenants and increase your property value.

We plan and implement best practices and enroll in sustainability initiatives to reduce your operating costs while making our communities healthier and your buildings more environmentally responsible.

For more information on our commercial property management services, please contact us.

Postmedia Place – Pathway to Excellence

  • Postmedia Place Today

    Where We Stand
    Since Greenrock has commenced property management services, Postmedia Place has tripled in value and has reduced tenant vacancy to just 2.5%. Postmedia Place recently achieved Energy Star Certification, holding a rating of 86%, placing the building in the top 25% of its class and operating at a 92.6% waste diversion rate. Year over year, in 2019 Postmedia Place has achieved a 11.6% reduction in energy use, 14% better than the BOMA average for its class, saving $343,051 in energy costs and 2,774,234 ekWh in power.
  • Postmedia Place Goes Back to School!

    Postmedia Place Goes Back to School!

    With the help of Postmedia Place’s tenants, Greenrock’s IMPACT Team, The Greenrock Charitable Trust, and Greenrock Management, 101 backpacks full of school supplies and $1,000 was donated to the Start2Finish (S2F) backpack program. The S2F backpack program works with local school boards and administrators to deliver vital school supplies to low-income children across Canada.

  • BOMA Certificate of Excellence

    BOMA Certificate of Excellence

    Originally awarded in 2016, Postmedia Place and Greenrock Property Management Limited was recently re-certified in Building and Management Excellence which designation is valid for three additional years.

  • Postmedia Makes an IMPACT with its 2018 Holiday Donation!

    Postmedia Makes an IMPACT with its 2018 Holiday Donation!

    Greenrock’s IMPACT Team, The Greenrock Charitable Trust, The Latners Foundation and Postmedia Place granted $10,000 to be donated on behalf of the tenants at 365 Bloor during the holiday season. At the Tenant Appreciation Holiday Breakfast, in the lobby of 365 Bloor, a donation of $10,000 was accepted by Natasha Hoyte on behalf of The Redwood. The Redwood provides programs and services to support women and children to live and thrive without abuse, homelessness and poverty.

  • BOMA Toronto Earth Award

    BOMA Toronto Earth Award

    BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) Earth Award: A recognition of excellence in resource preservation and environmentally sound commercial building management. Awarded for best performing building in the City of Toronto in the 250,000 to 499,999 square feet category.

    Real-Time Hydrometer Monitoring

    After registering with the OPSaver Program, real time monitoring that displays Postmedia Place’s electricity use was installed and provides an opportunity for occupants and visitors to better understand and appreciate Greenrock’s commitment to sustainability. Postmedia Place successfully reached a 10% energy reduction target between 2016 and 2018.

  • Earth Day 2018

    Earth Day 2018

    The annual Green Initiatives Program was conducted with Green for Life (GFL) with the goal of increasing tenant awareness around recycling. Electronic recycling containers were placed in the lobby, along with live videos of recycling and informational pamphlets on a variety of environmentally-friendly schemes.

  • BOMA Best Platinum Certification

    BOMA Best Platinum Certification

    Postmedia Place earns BOMA Best Platinum certification: a sustainable buildings certification that recognizes excellence in energy and environmental management and performance in commercial real estate. The certification is recognized as a consistent framework for assessing the environmental performance and management of existing buildings of all sizes. The Platinum certification is the highest certification achievable and signals operational excellence.

  • Race2Reduce


    Race2Reduce Crest (Commercial Real Estate Sustainability Trailblazers) Award. This award was granted to PMP for collaborative excellence in energy reduction and community engagement. The initiative promotes landlord-tenant partnerships to improve energy efficiency.

    Postmedia Place’s 2018 Earth Hour Challenge

    Postmedia Place entered the BOMA Toronto and WWF Canada Earth Hour Challenge, and achieved a 42% reduction in hydro consumption (252kWh).

  • Postmedia Place Saves

    Postmedia Place Saves

    Greenrock undertook a third-party energy audit to verify energy reduction levels were on pace with target objectives. To help achieve reduction targets, Postmedia Place underwent a LED light retrofit to reduce energy consumption. The HVAC system was also recommissioned and rebalanced to ensure optimal heating and cooling within the building.

    Postmedia Place registered with the race2reduce program and is awarded the race2reduce founding participant plaque. The aim of this program is to reduce building operating costs and improve overall energy efficiency.

  • BOMA Certificate of Excellence

    BOMA Certificate of Excellence

    Postmedia Place and Greenrock Property Management Limited are awarded the 2016 Building and Management Excellence certification.

  • Commitment to Excellence

    Commitment to Excellence

    Greenrock, with the aid of an energy consultant, creates an energy management plan to achieve a target 2.5% energy reduction throughout Postmedia Place. One key aspect of this plan was to analyze utility consumption data and recalibrate building amenities to ensure energy was not wasted during off business hours.

  • Energy Reduction Measures

    Energy Reduction Measures

    Greenrock develops fourteen Energy-Efficiency Measures (EEMs) to help reduce the overall energy consumption of Postmedia Place.

    Notable EEMs include:

    • The two-pump system was replaced with a more efficient variable speed three pump system.
    • Building insulation was renewed to prevent heat and cooling loss.
    • White reflective rocks were placed on the roof to reflect the sun’s rays.
  • BOMA Gold Certification

    BOMA Gold Certification

    365 Bloor Street East is officially rebranded from Greenwin Square to Postmedia Place.

    Greenrock begins floor by floor renovations to help modernize the workplace. Greenrock implements a new environmental strategy to divert building waste and reduce building energy consumption. As a result, Postmedia Place is recertified to BOMA Best Gold status.

  • Greenrock, Shiplake and Postmedia

    Greenrock, Shiplake and Postmedia

    Greenrock Real Estate Advisors and Shiplake Properties formed a strategic partnership with Postmedia Networks and rename 365 Bloor Street East to Postmedia Place. Greenrock develops innovative strategies to improve building efficiency.

    The major capital projects include: new office lobby and exterior entrance, 9 floors of common area renovation including washrooms, a new property management office with high tech boardroom facility for tenant use, structural refurbishment and modernization of the parking facility, renovation of the 345 Bloor retail common area, 8 elevator modernizations, and installation of a new cooling tower and HVAC system.

  • BOMA Silver Certification

    BOMA Silver Certification

    365 Bloor Street East is awarded BOMA Best Silver certification and is operating at a 51% waste diversion rate.

  • A Tall Order

    A Tall Order

    By fall 2011, plans to reposition 365/345 Bloor Street East were underway. A key aspect of this project was the formation of an Ownership Committee and the addition of an Asset Manager to lead the process. Parking renovations had begun to upgrade the lighting, signage, security and technology of the parking facility.

  • A Long Road Ahead

    A Long Road Ahead

    At the beginning of 2011, the vacancy rate at 365 Bloor Street East was approximately 30%. The building was in need of renovations and new direction.

Commercial Properties Made Better by

365 Bloor Street East (Postmedia Place) is certified BOMA Platinum and an Earth Award recipient, following its repositioning from 2013-2017, which helped the property triple in value. This 20-storey, 300,000 square foot building located on Bloor St.  between Huntley St. and Sherbourne St. The anchor tenant is Postmedia Networks

180 Bloor West is a 15-storey, 111,676 square foot commercial building located directly across from the Royal Ontario Museum and neighbouring two of Toronto’s most desirable neighbourhoods, Yorkville and the Annex. The property began its repositioning in early 2018, including major renovations and upgrades, as well as implementation of sustainability best practices for all major works.