Greenrock Real Estate Advisors

As premier real estate advisors in Toronto, we understand the precise needs of our clients.

The breadth of our experience as real estate owners, operators, and managers means we have the expertise our clients need to strategically enhance the performance of their real estate holdings.

By leveraging our extensive collective knowledge, we work with you to realize the full potential of your assets. We help you reach your goals by creating a prudent plan that’s fiscally responsible and customer experience-driven. 

Areas of Expertise

We enhance building performance through capital investment guidance, strategic planning, and tactical lease alignment to enable you to attract stronger covenant tenants and increase your property value.

Initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing complex projects is logistically challenging. We prudently plan every detail to meet your specific success criteria on time and within budget. 

We use our extensive collective knowledge to help you realize the full potential of your assets through short and long-term planning to maximize profit and longevity. 

Establishing future investment priorities and long-term asset plans for your properties creates capital strategies with measurability and accountability. We help you understand real and potential risks and your expected return on investment. 

Strategic real estate transfers or consolidations require considerable understanding and due diligence. Our breadth of experience expertly guides you through the process. 

Keeping the engine running on your real estate holdings is a continuous effort. We facilitate the ongoing administration of your asset.

Real-estate decisions must be accurately evaluated, prioritized and assessed for legal liabilities and vulnerabilities. We expertly minimize, monitor, and control your risk and exposure.