ESG Strategy & Vision

Greenrock manages some of Toronto’s most iconic properties with a portfolio that spans over 1,500,000 ft2 of multi-family residential space and over 500,000 ft2 of commercial space. We strive to create healthy and sustainable communities for people to both live and work. As a leader in sustainability, we hold ourselves accountable with a strong Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitment that incorporates industry best practices. We aim to inspire others in the real estate industry to operate and serve our communities more sustainably and responsibly. 


Recognition & Accolades

  • Winner of the BOMA Toronto Earth Award (2018, 2021)
  • BOMA BEST® Platinum certified
  • ENERGY STAR certified 
  • Winner of the race2reduce Innovative Excellence CREST Award (2020)
  • Proud partner of the City of Toronto’s Green Will Initiative

Key Reductions & Energy Savings

  • Yielded a total electricity savings of 708,400 kwh between June 2018 and December 2020 through the Toronto Hydro OPSaver Program. This is equivalent to the amount of energy consumed by 80 Ontario homes in a year. 
  • Installed new high-efficiency Viessman boilers in 2020 at 40 Alexander St., 50 Alexander St., 55 Maitland St., 77 Davisville Ave. and 45 Balliol St. which resulted in a collective energy savings of 463,800 m3/year
  • Completed a portfolio-wide LED lighting retrofit in 2018 that yielded a 4,978,642 kWh/year reduction in carbon emissions, equivalent to planting 96,138 trees/year or taking 524 cars off the road. 

Key Commitments

  • Ongoing commitment to incorporating sustainability practices into our policies, actions, and decision-making processes
  • Working with our suppliers and vendors to ensure 100% of products purchased are third-party environmentally certified
  • Reporting on our energy, water, and GHG emissions performance and our progress towards our targets
  • Implementing actionable plans to enhance building performance and the tenant experience


Key Programs and Initiatives

  • Greenrock IMPACT is devoted to creating strong, healthy, and environmentally sustainable communities while celebrating cultural diversity and promoting human rights across Canada. Greenrock IMPACT updated its mission statement in 2020 to reflect a heightened priority to support BIPOC communities. 
  • The annual Greenrock IMPACT Resident Donation program directly involves residents in the nominating and voting process to select top-voted charities.
  • Since March of 2020, Greenrock’s industry-leading COVID-19 Relief Fund has exceeded $4 million in donations and community support.
graphic showing the total amounts donated to charity

Staff Enrichment & Engagement 

  • Paid vacation, sick, and mental health days for staff
  • Partial tuition reimbursement for eligible staff to pursue continuing education
  • Paid association membership fees for eligible staff
  • Job shadowing opportunities to encourage mentorship and personal development
  • Annual health and wellness credits for all employees
  • Weekly meditation, mindfulness workshops, and yoga
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity training for all staff 
  • Counselling and mental health support provided in our benefit plan for all employees
  • Staff networking and team building events

Key Commitments 

  • Supporting the ongoing social interests and needs of our employees, tenants, and neighbouring communities
  • Expanding key programs that directly benefit stakeholders in our local community
  • Ensuring Greenrock staff are equipped with up-to-date skills and training to support their day-to-day roles and responsibilities


The Board

Greenrock’s board is comprised of 7 members, including the company’s owners and Independent Directors. 

The Greenrock Executive Team includes highly experienced real estate professionals with over 100 years of combined experienced: Barbara Rodgers (CEO), Justin Taylor (COO), Leo Gesualdo (CFO), Michael Pharant (VP, Operations and Project Management), Gloria Mogavero (Officer of Administration), Barry Green (Executive Chairman)

With support from the Greenock Board of Directors, our management team has established a comprehensive governance program involving the annual disclosure of corporate policies and implementation of best practices designed to support our team and communities.

Our robust, transparent governance infrastructure demonstrates leadership and foresight.

Leadership Recognition & Accolades

  • Awarded 2021 Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (CFAA) Rental Housing Provider of the Year
  • Winner of the Company Culture Award of Excellence and Outstanding Community Service Award at the 2019 Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) MAC Gala
  • Scored 100% in company culture according to a third-party evaluation in 2018

Key Commitments 

  • Creating a workplace environment free from barriers to embrace and promote diversity and inclusion
  • Providing a safe and accessible working environment for employees, contractors, tenants, and visitors that is free from discrimination and harassment
  • Maintaining the highest standards of ethics within our governing body to provide services with integrity, dignity, and respect