Greenrock puts the Green in Earth Day 2021

Not unlike most companies, Greenrock has directed its focus and efforts this year toward adapting its operations to life in a global pandemic. On Earth Day 2021, Greenrock celebrates a key commitment that has remained consistent since its inception— its unwavering pledge to create sustainable buildings for people to live and work. Here are four testaments of how Greenrock works to achieve this promise:  

Transforming Toronto Properties 

Postmedia Place at 365 Bloor St. E in Toronto is one of Greenrock’s most impressive building transformations thus far. Several improvements have been made to the building throughout the years, including retrofitting all suites with energy-saving LED lighting. Since the completion of its repositioning in 2017, the energy performance of Postmedia Place has improved dramatically. Most recently, Postmedia Place achieved Natural Resources Canada’s Energy Star Certification and is noted to be 92% more efficient than other similar buildings across the country. Postmedia was also awarded the BOMA Toronto CREST Award last year for its environmentally sustainable approach to commercial real estate.  

Following the Data 

Working closely alongside a third-party energy management company, Greenrock holds itself accountable by tracking monthly energy and water usage, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste management. Postmedia Place currently holds the BOMA BEST® Platinum certification, the highest level that can be achieved by a company for superior environmental leadership. Greenrock is in the process of setting benchmarks and goals that will shape its environmental performance for the next decade.  

Embracing the Digital World 

While strong communication is believed to be the backbone of stellar customer service, Greenrock believes important updates should be delivered without hurting the planet. By developing online portals for residents and tenants, Greenrock has streamlined its communication streams with a heightened priority of reducing paper and waste. In Greenrock’s annual Resident Satisfaction Survey last year, 66% of respondents voted for the portal updates as their top-rated form of communication. Likewise, 82% of Postmedia Place tenants who responded to last year’s satisfaction survey were satisfied with the tenant portal. In the wake of the pandemic, Greenrock created a COVID-19 Resources web page to keep residents up to date on the latest pandemic news and supports.  

Making Room for New Ideas  

Greenrock’s charitable arm, Greenrock IMPACT, recently formed an internal environmental committee to brainstorm creative new ideas and ways to support and promote environmental awareness as a company. The committee meets weekly to discuss and plan upcoming green initiatives.  

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Postmedia Place 92% More Efficient Than Other Properties, According to Natural Resources Canada

Postmedia Place is in the spotlight once again for its environmental prowess.  

On November 10th, 2020, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) awarded Postmedia Place with its ENERGY STAR certification, which recognizes properties with superior energy performance.  

According to NRCan, Postmedia Place is 92% more energy efficient than similar properties across Canada. 

“This is an amazing result and a huge deal for us at Postmedia Place. Well done team!” says Justin Taylor, Greenrock Chief Operating Officer.  

This achievement follows Postmedia Place’s recent victory at BOMA Toronto’s Virtual CREST Awards on November 5th, 2020, where it earned the Innovative Excellence Award.  

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Postmedia Place Wins 2020 BOMA Toronto CREST Award

Postmedia Place won a prestigious award this week from BOMA Toronto for its environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to commercial real estate.  

Greenrock Commercial Services’ Postmedia Place property at 365 Bloor St. E in Toronto was announced as the winner of the Innovative Excellence Award (less than 500,00 sq. ft category) at the Virtual CREST Awards on Thursday, November 5, 2020.  

The award “recognizes those who have deployed creative and effective approaches, strategies, and technologies to achieve their performance and sustainability objectives,” according to BOMA Toronto.  

“We take the environment seriously at Greenrock and aren’t afraid to experiment with new initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint,” explains Greenrock’s Chief Operating Officer Justin Taylor. “We’ve made significant investments throughout the years at Postmedia Place, such as retrofitting all tenant suites with energy-saving LED lighting, to ensure our day-to-day operations are as ‘green’ as possible.”  

Since its inception in 2017, Postmedia Place has participated in BOMA Toronto’s Race2reduce program to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. In 2018, Postmedia Place was awarded the first-ever Race2reduce Collaborative Excellence Award. 

Postmedia Place sits in the top 25% of its building class with an Energy Star rating of 92%.  

“I am incredibly proud of our team for their hard work and contributions,” says Postmedia Place General Manager Alaric da Cunha.   

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