Greenrock Team Sports Staches for Movember, Donates $10K to Men’s Health Charities

Greenrock is turning its attention to men’s health on November 30th, which marks both Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving and generosity, and the final day of Movember.  

Movember is a month-long global event in November that raises awareness of testicular cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer in young Canadian men, and prostate cancer, which affects 1 in 9 Canadian men.  

The movement also focuses on mental health, which is an especially important topic during the pandemic. Prolonged isolation can heighten feelings of loneliness and depression, and shame is often a barrier that prevents men from reaching out for support. This year’s Movember movement is all about digging deeper and creating safe spaces to have meaningful conversations with the men in our lives.  

In support of Movember, Greenrock donated a total of $10,000 to Prostate Cancer Canada and Testicular Cancer Canada on behalf of the Greenrock team through the Greenrock Charitable Trust. 

Greenrock team members were also encouraged to help raise awareness of the cause by growing facial hair or flaunting faux moustaches on sticks.  

We thank our team for ditching their razors in support of this important cause and helping us take the stigma out of these conversations. There are helpful tool kits and supports available on the Movember website to learn more about the early signs of prostate and testicular cancer.  

Greenrock’s charitable arm, Greenrock IMPACT, is devoted to giving back to local charities and causes like Movember through annual initiatives and donations. To learn more, please visit